About us

Online seeks to group social media enthusiasts and experienced individuals in the digital media world to help promote proper digital citizenship through making the most of social media in the best ways possible.

  • To support and encourage AUB bloggers and users of social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc..)
  • To promote the usage of such tools amongst other AUB students given their current popularity and importance

  • To gather the bloggers and users of social media under one organization in order to facilitate common activities and interests.
  • To encourage AUB students to start their own blogs and help them get started by teaching them the technical and cultural aspects of social media.

AUB's Online Collaborative Cabinet
President: Mohammad Hijazi [email] @mhijazi
Treasurer: Loulwa Kalache [email] @Pearlowa
Member at Large: Jim Ramsey Khoury [email] @DuJim
Secretary: Raghd Hamzeh [email] @rnh158
Public Relations: Malek Teffeha [email] @malekawt
Advisor: Leila Khauli Hanna [email] @leilakhauli

Group photo with HMA The Former British Ambassador to Lebanon, Frances Guy