Loryne Atoui

Loryne Atoui is a Lebanese graphic designer who's lived here, there and a little bit everywhere. After three years of working in the states, she moved back to Lebanon in 2009 to start her own design studio through which she is constantly undertaking large-scale projects that she's passionate about. Her latest achievements include the founding of the breast cancer awareness and support group One Wig Stand, the founding of the Beirut Street Photographers (BSP) photography community, and most recently, co-organizing the Bras for a Cause Middle East - a first-of-its kind regional breast cancer awareness campaign that drew in talents from across the region to design bras and t-shirts for the cause. As a self-professed blog-a-holic, Loryne also manages more than five different blogs on a daily basis and believes in the power of social media to change lives (if used the right way).
Twitter: @loryneatoui