Lana El Sahely

Lana is a student at AUB, expected to graduate with a BA in Economics this fall. She grew up in Cameroon, Africa for more than 13 years and then moved back to Beirut with her family. Here, she completed a French baccalaureate and then decided to pursue her college degree at AUB after being accepted at LSE because she wanted to experience Lebanon even more, to help her personality grow differently with a focus on her roots. A very dear person to her heart, initiated her last year into Twitter and social media. It wasn't so long until she started off two different blogs; one for her own writings as she writes in French and English about various topics like Economics, Politics and society and another one focused on fashion styling. She has always loved fashion and 'L'Armoire De Lana', her daily updated online fashion blog started off as a hobby and became in less than three months a project she will soon start investing in. Lana is also a contributing writer to and a guest writer for She is also the editor of the Social Media pages of "The Gate" magazine. "Social media has definitely turned my life upside-down and in the craziest of ways", she says.
Twitter: @LaSahely