Kamal Al Merhebi

Kamal is a BA graduate in Banking and Finance, hold a few certifications in finance and project management such as CFA Level 2, CMA level 1, CAPM, PMP, EVM and soon project Risk management professional. He is always seeking to expand his knowledge and learn best practices, especially in the field of strategic planning, finance and project planning.
He worked as a financial controller and SAP Forward Leap country Leader at Maersk Line, handling Lebanon and Syria simultaneously. Prior work at the banking industry, production planning and management, handling a few projects along the way. His biggest challenge was balancing his life in terms of my employment, education and entrepreneurial work. Ofcoarse, also keeping some form of social life and enjoying his hobbies, such as snowboarding, jogging and working out.
Over the years, he gradually became interested in a system that integrates several principles, beliefs, visions, knowledge areas and methodologies. A system designed to accommodate and align the collective practical knowledge and collaborative efforts of the people, in turn, empowering us make the needed changes in our societies.