Kahlil Pfaff

A jack of all trades, but a master of nothing particular…his hobbies and interests are quite diverse, ranging from herpetology to computers and from technology to psychology and social justice.  As the social worker at Dar el Awlad, an orphanage in Mansourieh, he works daily to care for the mental health and developmental needs of around 30 residents and 70+ day students. Since 2008 Khalil's been using blogging and social media to share his journey to Lebanon and his life here as he lives and works among the children. During 2010 the photography club at Dar el Awlad began, a project designed to teach their children basic photo skills and encourage them to share their voices in a different, creative way. Through Twitter and blogging he has been able to share his children's lives with the world as well as to locally engage the online community in Beirut.