Ayman Itani

Ayman Itani is the Founder and CEO of Think Media Labs (thinkmedialabs.com), a premier digital and social media boutique agency that helps enterprises and international brands targeting Lebanon, the Gulf, and the MENA region thrive by drawing on Internet platforms to capture digitally their customers and audiences. Think Media Labs creates brand commitment and helps businesses and brands link to the digital world through the latest tools in the rapidly transforming digital and online culture.
He lecture and give workshops at different universities while teaching at the Lebanese American University a course on “Media, Culture, and Technology” that aims at enabling Communication Arts students (journalism, radio, TV, film, and theater) to adapt and fully take advantage of the industry shifts incubated by the Internet, specifically: content generation, consumption, distribution, and commercialization.
He also regularly speaks about convergence of communication, media, user interaction design, history of technology, Internet architecture, and the social web. Talks he has given range from keynotes, to workshops, to case-studies, to expert review / consulting. He has presented to entrepreneurs, technologists, mobile platform experts, NGOs, executives, government bodies, and artists.
Recently, he became the proud father to the now 1-year-old Lea who already has a twitter account and is a celebrity in his social network. He considers this his most important job and hardest so far.

Website: http://www.thinkmedialabs.com/
Twitter: @aymanitani